2017 Year-End Freedom Catalog | Restore NYC

2017 Year-End Response Card | Restore NYC

Annual Report Design | Restore NYC

Large format retractable banners (33.4" x 84.74")

Two-page collateral for donor meetings | Layout Designer | Restore NYC | New York, New York | http://bit.ly/Restore2pager

Tri-fold brochure for Restore NYC’s Year-End Mailer

Devotional booklet seeking to connect the dots between the gospel and the mission of Restore NYC, serving survivors of sexual slavery. | Layout Designer, Photo Editor | http://bit.ly/RestoreDevotional

Fold-up handout for Restore’s Holiday Gala

Large vinyl outdoor poster for All Angels Church

Direct Mail to supporters as part of Restore’s #GiveBackMothersDay campaign | http://bit.ly/RestoreMailingEsther

Restore NYC’s FY2016 Annual Report | Layout Design | http://bit.ly/FY2016RestoreAnnualReport

Program Booklet Design | Restore NYC | http://bit.ly/restore-economic-empowerment

One pager designed to explain each of Restore NYC’s programs | Layout Designer

Restore NYC’s FY2015 Annual Report | Layout Design | http://bit.ly/FY2015RestoreAnnualReport

Restore NYC’s FY2015 Findings Report | Layout Designer | http://bit.ly/findings-report-2015

Annual Report Design | Restore NYC | http://bit.ly/FY2014RestoreAnnualReport

Safehome Manual Design | Restore NYC | http://bit.ly/restore-safehome-english

Photo Editor Assistant & Page Layout Design Assistant | 100cameras | http://bit.ly/100cameras-India-Photobook

Album Cover Design & Photography | City Lights

Card for homeless outreach

Front of holy week card for All Angels Church

Back of holy week card for All Angels Church